dynamic html
We use the standard html markup language together with style sheet and javascript to create dynamic features that improve functionality and usability. We can also create Flash movies that can be used, separately, or in conjunction with the html code.
web programming
There are two platforms we code for; Windows and Unix. For windows platforms we use ASP.NET as standard and for unix we code using PHP.
database design
To get the most out of your website you should be thinking about storing user, client and product information in a relational database. There are a variety of databases hosted on different platforms and they can give you powerful query functions that provide the backbone of dynamic websites. We can design and implement your solution using Access, Server2000 and MySQL.
graphic design
Graphic designers or web designers? You might not think so but there are big differences. Luckily we have both, so if you want specialised print or web work, we can help.
usability engineering
Confused? too much information? taking too long? annoying navigation? no feedback? Usability engineering helps to make sure that your users keep coming back for more. We conduct user survey tests before and after the design process.
web marketing
If your don't think its going to make you any money, whats the point? The internet has had its fair share of failed projects that didin't quite work out! Web marketing is not just about your website, its about your company. As a third party we can help you think about issues that might not have been suggested before. Marketing and advertising comes in many guises and getting your message across without turing off is an art form.


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